Getting Started

Welcome to the IQ Copy Trading Platform Documentation

Still and all of your experience with IQ Copy Trading, we’ll make sure you learn absolutely everything about our platform in this section, from the most basic functions to the most complex ones.

Here you’ll find step-by-step guides with lots of images and details that allow you to configure your platform to fit your specific needs: from downloading it to setting up your signals and configuring your robot to trade for you on your favorite IQ Options broker.

What is the IQ Copy Trading Platform?

IQ Copy Trading is a Syndicate of a Handful of people who makes Millions every year. IQ Copy Trading a secret system of power, hidden knowledge, and united group which can raise the poorest and most humble member into the ranks of the rich and powerful and achieves the most Impossible dream.

Our innovative trading robot that allows you to take your Turbo Options, Binary Options, Digital Options, Crypto Trading Levels you’ve never had before.

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In case you have not downloaded IQ Copy Trading yet, you can do it by clicking here

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Once you have downloaded IQ Copy Trading Platform on your PC, proceed to install it following these steps:

  1. Right-click on ‘Downloaded File’.
  2. Choose the ‘Extract Here’ option.
  3. Open the decompressed folder.
  4. Double click on ‘IQ-Copy-Trading-Setup to execute the IQ Copy Trading Platform setup.
  5. Follow the installation instructions.

* Some anti-virus providers may detect the platform as malicious and block the download or installation. To solve this problem, you should only disable your anti-virus for the duration of the installation process.

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Olymp Copy Trade Login

Once you have installed it, run the program and the login screen will appear:

Now login via your Olymp Trade Account details & Sales ID & License key.

For free trial: Use that Sales ID and License key to use the free version
Sales ID: iqcopytrading
License key: FREE

Note: Input sales id & License key are on caps lock.

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Our Platform


Select your account mode. you can trade on your practice, Real account’s. Select one of them.

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We have 5 built-in strategies on our Olymp Copy Trading Platform. You can use any strategy when you want to trade.

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Copy Signal from Server

When you will select this strategy, Robot Receive signal from our server and place a trade on your account automatically by your selected trading amount and money management system and other filters.

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Metatrader Connector

At first, let me explain to you what is Metatrader connector. With this strategy, you can trade manually and automatically from MT4 to IQ Option. You can use any signal indicator to trade automatic or manual. For that, you don’t have to open the IQ Option Platform.

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